Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jaden's 1st Birthday Party

Jaden playing with the streamers instead of his presents.

Jaden and Cayla eating the birthday cake

I guess he didn't realize it was ice cream and stuck the whole thing in his mouth.

He loved the icing

Trying to touch the fire.

Riding in his car with the golf clubs in the trunk. And for hunter i think he was shaking his head.

Being goofy with his golf clubs.

Trying to hit the blocks with his golf clubs.

Alysia teaching him how to hit the ballons

Jaden trying to figure out who his next victim is.

Every one is waiting on me and Stephine to get the car built.

Jaden already tearing his toys apart.

Unwrapping is presents

Hot Wheels Birthday Cake

Jaden eating hamburgers, hot dogs and whatever else anyone will give him.

How cute like father like son.

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